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Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthesis

PSI researchers are exploring the complex biological machinery that builds iron-sulfur clusters.

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Research Advances

  • Mitochondrion Flipping for UCP2

    Mitochondrion: Flipping for UCP2
    NMR studies reveal how UCP2 facilitates translocation of protons across the mitochondrial membrane via fatty acids.

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  • Mitochondrion Setting a New TRAP1

    Mitochondrion: Setting a New TRAP1
    An asymmetric Hsp90 structure supports a new mechanism for coupling ATP hydrolysis with substrate turnover.

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Technical Highlights

  • Transmembrane Spans

    Transmembrane Spans
    Analyses of nine topology prediction programs identify those with the greatest prediction accuracy for specific transmembrane transport protein families, and lead the authors to propose several distinguishable evolutionary pathways for these proteins.

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  • TimeResolved Crystallography with HATRX

    Time-Resolved Crystallography with HATRX
    Time-resolved crystallography on standard synchrotron beamlines is possible with a method based on Hadamard encoding.

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