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New NTF2-like Domains

PSI researchers are exploring the range of structures adopted by a versatile protein fold.

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Research Advances

  • Novel Proteins and Networks Polysaccharide Metabolism in the Human Gut

    Novel Proteins and Networks: Polysaccharide Metabolism in the Human Gut
    Comparative genomics identifies new components and regulatory networks for the utilization of complex carbohydrates by Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron.

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  • Novel Proteins and Networks Assigning Function

    Novel Proteins and Networks: Assigning Function
    Structural modeling and docking of substrates identifies a biochemical pathway that is validated experimentally.

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Technical Highlights

  • A Refined Refinement Strategy

    A Refined Refinement Strategy
    Combinatorial use of refinement algorithms leads to improved structure determination.

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  • Mining Protein Dynamics

    Mining Protein Dynamics
    A method for prediction of protein dynamics from primary sequence can map functional regions and help predict the effects of mutations.

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