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Channels and Transporters

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Ryanodine Receptor

PSI researchers take a close look at a gated calcium channel that controls muscle contraction.

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Research Advances

  • Channels and Transporters BEST in Show

    Channels and Transporters: BEST in Show
    Crystal structures of bestrophin ion channels unravel the molecular basis of retinopathies.

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  • Channels and Transporters Reorienting a Peptide in the Pocket

    Channels and Transporters: Reorienting a Peptide in the Pocket
    In POT transporters, peptide length determines whether the orientation of the ligand is lateral or vertical.

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Technical Highlights

  • Expanding the Reach of SAD

    Expanding the Reach of SAD
    Two recent methods increase the range of SAD phasing to more challenging protein structures.

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  • Automating NMR Structures

    Automating NMR Structures
    An automated NMR protocol is used to solve the structure of a 25-kDa protein.

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