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PSI researchers have determined the structure of a transcriptional regulator involved in quorum sensing in an important pathogenic bacterium.

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Research Advances

  • Quorum Sensing E coli Gets Involved

    Quorum Sensing: E. coli Gets Involved
    The crystal structure of E. coli SdiA provides insights into substrate selectivity and oxidation-dependent regulation.

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  • Quorum Sensing A Groovy New Component

    Quorum Sensing: A Groovy New Component
    A first-in-family structure of a Pseudomonas-specific protein provides clues to its role in quorum sensing.

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Technical Highlights

  • Structures Without Damage

    Structures Without Damage
    Radiation damage-free protein structures can be solved using an X-ray free-electron laser and large single crystals.

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  • Correlative Microscopy on Ice

    Correlative Microscopy on Ice
    New methods for correlated cryo-electron tomography and super-resolution fluorescence imaging are now described.

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