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Piecing Together the Nuclear Pore Complex

PSI researchers have solved another piece in the puzzle for revealing an atomic-level model of the nuclear pore complex.

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Research Advances

  • Nuclear Pore Complex Integrative Approach to Probe Nup133

    Nuclear Pore Complex: Integrative Approach to Probe Nup133
    The integration of three structural methods offers insight into membrane association of the NPC.

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  • Nuclear Pore Complex A Flexible Transporter

    Nuclear Pore Complex: A Flexible Transporter
    Structural flexibility in HEAT motifs enables proteins to pass through the nuclear pore complex.

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Technical Highlights

  • Nuclear Pore Complex Higher Resolution of Macromolecules

    Nuclear Pore Complex: Higher Resolution of Macromolecules
    Integrating mass spectrometry data for crosslinked oligomers reveals details of the yeast nuclear pore complex.

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  • Molecular Portraits of the Cell

    Molecular Portraits of the Cell
    The cellPACK software generates three-dimensional mesoscale models for a detailed look at biological systems like the cell.

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