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Evolution of Photoconversion

PSI researchers have discovered that protein flexibility is a key element in the evolutionary pathway for developing photoconvertable GFP-like proteins.

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Research Advances

  • Design and Evolution Unveiling Translocator Proteins

    Design and Evolution: Unveiling Translocator Proteins
    Structural and functional analyses provide new insights on the physiological roles of TSPOs.

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  • Design and Evolution Molecular Sleuthing Reveals Drug Selectivity

    Design and Evolution: Molecular Sleuthing Reveals Drug Selectivity
    Reconstructed ancient ancestors of Src and Abl shed light on Gleevec's specificity.

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Technical Highlights

  • Design and Evolution Bespoke Design of Repeat Proteins

    Design and Evolution: Bespoke Design of Repeat Proteins
    A combination of sequence and structure information is used to design new repeat proteins.

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  • Design and Evolution Tunable Antibody Binders

    Design and Evolution: Tunable Antibody Binders
    Reengineering the binding interface of Protein G yields a variant with stronger Fab binding and pH-tunable affinity.

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