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CCR5 and HIV Infection

A new PSI structure shows how the anti-HIV drug maraviroc locks the coreceptor CCR5 in an inactive state.

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Research Advances

  • HIVAIDS Slide to Enter

    HIV/AIDS: Slide to Enter
    A sliding hinge in gp41 promotes HIV membrane fusion and viral infection.

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  • HIVAIDS Prefusion Env Exposed

    HIV/AIDS: Pre-fusion Env Exposed
    A crystal structure of the pre-fusion HIV-1 Env captures gp41 and provides insights into immune recognition.

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Technical Highlights

  • Updating ModBase

    Updating ModBase
    An expanded ModBase comparative protein structure database and toolkit enables insights into protein function, including determinants of HIV-1 protease specificity.

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  • Greasing the Path for SFX

    Greasing the Path for SFX
    Grease is an ideal microcrystal carrier medium for serial femtosecond crystallography.

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