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Signaling with DivL

DivL shares many structural features with other bacterial signaling proteins, but has been modified by evolution to reverse the typical directionality of signaling.

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Research Advances

  • Signaling Securing LipidProtein Partnership

    Signaling: Securing Lipid-Protein Partnership
    Crystal structures provide a glimpse into how phosphoinositides stabilize nuclear hormones.

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  • Signaling A Platform for Opposing Functions

    Signaling: A Platform for Opposing Functions
    A modeled structure reveals the regulatory complexities of a TORC1-interacting complex.

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Technical Highlights

  • CryoEM Beyond 3197 Resolution

    Cryo-EM Beyond 3-Å Resolution
    The 2.8-Å resolution cryo-EM reconstruction of a thermophilic 20S proteasome identifies rotamers and water molecules.

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  • A Solution for NearAtomic Resolution CryoEM

    A Solution for Near-Atomic Resolution Cryo-EM
    Two methods for macromolecular structure determination via near-atomic resolution cryo-EM help fill a resolution gap.

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