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Membrane Proteome

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Glucagon Receptor

PSI researchers have solved the structures of a GPCR that binds to peptide hormones, revealing new modes of GPCR recognition.

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Research Advances

  • Membrane Proteome A Cap on Transport

    Membrane Proteome: A Cap on Transport
    Structural and biophysical analyses of a membrane carrier ectodomain reveal a Ca2+-dependent switch that regulates ATP flux across the mitochondrial inner membrane.

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  • Membrane Proteome Pumping Out Heavy Metal

    Membrane Proteome: Pumping Out Heavy Metal
    Crystal structures of a heavy-metal efflux pump reveal intermediate transport states.

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Technical Highlights

  • Membrane Proteome Microcrystals Yield Big Data

    Membrane Proteome: Microcrystals Yield Big Data
    An X-ray free-electron laser helps determine the first room-temperature structure of a G protein-coupled receptor.

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  • Combining Methods to Solve Protein Assemblies

    Combining Methods to Solve Protein Assemblies
    A hybrid approach that integrates four mass spectrometry methods with structural modeling takes on tough protein complexes.

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