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Predicting Protein Crystal Candidates

Technical Highlight - October 2014
An improved algorithm predicts whether a protein will be amenable to crystallization for structural studies.

Drug Discovery: Finding Druggable Targets

Technical Highlight - October 2013
A guide to selecting strategic targets for pharmacological intervention and drug design in microbiomes is presented for Streptococcus mutans.

Membrane Proteome: Unveiling the Human α-helical Membrane Proteome

Technical Highlight - August 2013
All PSI Membrane Protein Structure Centers and one large-scale production center have joined forces to create a strategy to maximize our understanding of the human transmembrane proteome.

Infectious Diseases: Determining the Essential Structome

Technical Highlight - May 2013
Twenty-five potential drug targets emerge from the Burkholderia structome through an integrated pipeline.

Infectious Diseases: Targeting Meningitis

Technical Highlight - May 2013
Screens with substrates and inhibitors, followed by molecular modeling, reveal details of an enzyme's ligand binding specificity.

Microbial Pathogenesis: Computational Epitope Prediction

Technical Highlight - January 2013
A computational approach uses structural information to identify epitopes within antigenic proteins.

Microbial Pathogenesis: Influenza Inhibitor Screen

Technical Highlight - January 2013
A cell-free binding assay is optimized step by step and applied in high throughput to screen for small molecule inhibitors of an influenza protein.

Targeting Enzyme Function with Structural Genomics

Featured System - July 2012
Prediction of the function of a new enzyme based only on its sequence, or even on its structure, is still a major challenge, and will be a major prize for biomedical research when effective methods are developed.

Disordered Proteins

Featured System - February 2012
Looking through the thousands of structures in the PDB, we get the impression that proteins must have a stable, folded structure to be functional.

The cancer kinome

Featured Article - April 2010
Structural genomics has an important role to play in guiding development of specific anti-cancer drugs.

Learning from failure

Technical Highlight - December 2009
With more than 200,000 protein targets there are bound to be a few proteins that just won't yield structures. To avoid repeating a costly failure, check our databases before you start.

Dealing with difficult families

Technical Highlight - February 2009
A 'genome pool' strategy that targets multiple members of a protein family boosts structure determination rates, particularly when tricky proteins are avoided.Structure 16, 1659-1667 (2008)
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