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A Solution for Near-Atomic Resolution Cryo-EM

Technical Highlight - May 2015
Two methods for macromolecular structure determination via near-atomic resolution cryo-EM help fill a resolution gap.

Cryo-EM Beyond 3-Å Resolution

Technical Highlight - May 2015
The 2.8-Å resolution cryo-EM reconstruction of a thermophilic 20S proteasome identifies rotamers and water molecules.

Electron Diffraction Made Practical

Technical Highlight - October 2014
Continuous-rotation MicroED solves protein structures by electron diffraction of microcrystals.

Correlative Microscopy on Ice

Technical Highlight - August 2014
New methods for correlated cryo-electron tomography and super-resolution fluorescence imaging are now described.

Virology: Visualizing Cyanophage Assembly

Technical Highlight - March 2014
The first application of ZPC cryoET provides insight into cyanophage assembly process.

EM for the (small) masses

Technical Highlight - May 2012
A new strategy using Fabs allows visualization of small protein molecules by cryoEM.

EM-proving protein structures

Technical Highlight - May 2012
A new version of EM-Fold combines medium-resolution data with computational techniques to achieve atomic resolution structures.

Just blot and see

Technical Highlight - March 2012
A simple method for transferring proteins onto EM grids may speed up single-particle analyses of large protein complexes.

Pulling on loose ends

Featured Article - January 2012
Structural analyses of the first identified activase for red-type Rubiscos reveal key insights into Rubisco activation.

Fit to serve

Technical Highlight - October 2011
A new web server promises to make MultiFit even more accessible and easy to use.

Solving a problem in phases

Technical Highlight - September 2011
A new approach promises to eliminate a major hurdle to structure determination of membrane proteins using electron crystallography.

Regulating nitrogen assimilation

Featured Article - January 2011
By combining their efforts, researchers at two PSI centers provide new insights into a switch that controls nitrogen metabolism in microorganisms.

Getting fixated

Technical Highlight - September 2008
Nature Methods 5, 53-55 (2008)
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