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id="title" class="nomar"Center for the X-ray Structure Determination of Human Transporters

The TransportPDB center is a PSI Membrane Protein Structure Determination Center, and consists of investigators from the University of California, San Diego; Texas Tech University Health Science Center; Sanford Burnham Institute; Stanford University; California Institute of Technology; The Scripps Research Institute; and The University of Colorado.

TransportPDB Investigators

  • California Institute of Technology
    Douglas Rees
    William Clemons
  • The Scripps Research Institute
    Geoffrey Chang
  • The University of Colorado
    Michael Stowell
  • University of California San Diego
    Milton Saier
  • Texas Tech University Health Science Center
    Ina Urbatsch
  • Sanford Burnham Institute
    Adam Godzik
  • Stanford University
    Keith Hodgson

Contact Information

Douglas C. Rees

Michael Stowell

Geoffrey Chang

Research Description

The passage of virtually every molecule across the cell membrane is mediated by a class of proteins called transporters. Transporters are vital to the biology of all cells and a variety of diseases occur when these processes are perturbed or disrupted, as in several genetic disorders or the up-regulation of multidrug resistance transporters by tumor cells. The availability of high resolution structures of human transporters are essential to define the molecular structural basis of their mechanisms. We are establishing a center for membrane protein structure determination, TransportPDB, with the objective of developing a comprehensive and efficient approach for pursuing the high-resolution x-ray crystal structures of human transporters prioritized by disease relevance and protein fold coverage, and other targets from PSI-biology centers.

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