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id="title" class="nomar"Structural Features of the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Code

This biological project is composed of investigators from The Scripps Research Institute, Florida, and is partnered with the PSI High-Throughput Structure Determination center JCSG.


Consortia Investigators

Kendall Nettles, PhD

Patrick Griffin, PhD


Research Description

Nuclear receptors are a family of 48 proteins that control endocrine and metabolic physiology by regulating gene expression, and control of other cellular function such as signal transduction. These activities occur by acting as a scaffold to recruit enzymes and other proteins to DNA, regulating the reading of the DNA code in each cell and thus controlling cellular functions. Our proposed work is to obtain structures of nuclear receptors in complex with known interacting proteins using a consortium with the NIH structural genomics, PSI: Biology network.


Key publications

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Structures, Targets, Publications and Technologies

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