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The PSI:Biology Goals and Milestone Committee was charged with determining a list of metrics that best convey the progress and impact of the PSI:Biology Network.
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1. Quantitative Metrics

These tables provide a summary of the PSI:Biology targets being studied by the High-throughput and Membrane Protein Centers, as determined from depositions to TargetTrack or the PDB.

Table 68381. Numbers of targets in the PSI:Biology pipeline and the number of structures solved. (Metrics items 1.1-1.8)

Table 68382. Number of PSI:Biology targets classified by Target Category (Metrics items 1.9 - 1.10) TT

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2. Structure Determination

This section counts the number of different structural and biological topics targeted by the PSI:Biology network as categorized in TargetTrack.

Table 68383. Types of protein targets among the PSI:Biology structures (Metrics item 2.1)

2.2 Structure Determination Methods PDB

Table 68384. Classifies PSI:Biology Structure by their structure determination method.


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3. Network Building

One of the goals of the PSI:Biology program is to be a collaborative network for the greater biological community to rely on for structures and resources. This section counts the level of collaboration within the PSI:Biology Network and beyond it.

3.1 Collaboration

Explore the collaborative network:

3.1.2 External to PSI (Table 68385) Collaborations created by Community-nominated Target nominations SBKB

4. Experimental Data Resources

The PSI:Biology Network makes all of its research resources available to the public. The following resource counts come from center depositions and TargetTrack.

4.1 (Table 68386) Protocols used by the PSI:Biology program. TT

4.2 (Table 68387) Available PSI:Biology clones. Mr

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5. Technologies

The PSI:Biology Network also develops new technologies to overcome bottlenecks in the high-throughput protein production and structural determination pipeline. During PSI:Biology, technological developments are mainly underway for the membrane protein-focused centers and the high-throughput centers. This data is calculated from the PSI Technology Portal.

5.1 - 5.5 (Table 68388) Technologies from HTP and Membrane Protein Centers. Tech Portal

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6. Publications

Below is a tabulation of the number, citation count, and impact of PSI:Biology publications, along with the number of times a center's PDB structure has been downloaded from all PDB sites. The download numbers exclude full PDB archive downloads. This data is collected from the PSI Publications Portal and the wwPDB site.

(Table 68389) Publications and statistics

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