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2009 NIGMS Workshop - Enabling Technologies for Structural Biology Posters

March 4-6, 2009
Natcher Conference Center, NIH

Select presentations available here


Poster No.
(poster) A "Control Workgroup" of 24 Target Proteins Used to Test Platform Changes, presented by D. Aceti, C. Bingman, R. Frederick, K. Gromek, K. Nichols, S. Makino, R. Wrobel, F. Vojtik, J. Primm, B. Fox, G. Phillips Jr., and J. Markley.
(poster) New Approach to Automatic Fitting of Electron-Density Maps, presented by C. Bingman, F. DiMaio, A. Soni, J. Shavlik, D. Kondrashov, E. Bitto, and G. Phillips Jr.
(poster) Large-Scale Production of Tev Protease from PSI Material Resource Plasmid Pmht238delta, presented by K. Gromek, R. Frederick, L. Bergeman, M. Cassidy, S. Ballard, P. Blommel, B. Fox, S. Hwang, H. Li, K. Nichols, K. Seder, S. West, F.Vojtik, and J. Primm.
(poster) Pine-Sparky: Visualization And Refinement Of NMR Assignments, presented by W. Lee, W. Westler, A. Bahrami, H. Eghbalnia, and J. Markley.
(poster) A Semi-Automated Protocol for the Production of Protein Samples Suitable for NMR Structure Determination, presented by D. Jensen, W. Woytovich, M. Li, F. Peterson, and B. Volkman.
(poster) Use of Bacillus subtilis Sacb (Levansucrase) as a Negative Selectable Marker in Flexi®Vector Cloning, presented by R. Wrobel, Z. Kunkel, and B. Fox.
(poster) The Protein Structure Initiative Structural Genomics Knowledgebase, presented by M. Gabanyi, J. Westbrook, W. Tao, R. Shah, T. Schwede, A. Kouranov, P. Adams, W. Minor, J. LaBaer,  R. Nair, and H. Berman.
(poster) Experimental Data Tracking Module of the PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase, presented by A. Kouranov, M. Gabanyi, L. Chen, J. Westbrook, and H. Berman.
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