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2009 NIGMS Workshop - Enabling Technologies for Structural Biology Presentations

March 4-6, 2009
Natcher Conference Center, NIH
Agenda and presentations

Select posters are available for viewing 
Wednesday, March 4
Registration, Refreshments and Poster Setup
Opening Remarks - John Norvell and Jeremy Berg
Session I
Protein-Protein Interactions and Complexes
  Chair Celia Goulding
Keynote Lecture: Professor Michael Rossmann, Purdue University, The Limits of Crystallography Mark The Beginnings Of Biology: Structural Studies of Viral Pathogens
08:50am Donald Petrey, Structural Alignment in Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions (02_Petrey.ppt)
Li-Chung Ma, Structural Biology of Influenza Viruses - Applications of Technologies From Structural Genomics
20 minute Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
Session II
Protein-Protein Interactions and Complexes (continued)
  Chair Celia Goulding
10:00am Carthene Bazemore-Walker, Identification of Sigma-1 Receptor Post-translational Modifications and Interacting Proteins Using Chemical Proteomics
Qiang Wang, MOLIDE2: Homology Modeling or Protein Oligomers and Complexes
Marc Deller, Structural Dissection of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Of Thermatoga maritima
Hunjoong Lee, Skyline as a Discovery Tool for Phosphoinositide-Binding Proteins
Open Poster Session
  1:00pm - 7:00pm
Session III
Traditional Bottlenecks
  Chair: Geoff Waldo
Igor Jurisica, PSI Target Prioritization, Cancer Target Selection And Interpretation Using Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction and Analysis
01:25pm Samuel Handelman, The CRSH Database: Functional Classification of PSI Proteins to Support High Throughput Biochemical Characterization
01:50pm Robert Thorne, Slow Cooling for Protein Cryocrystallography
02:15pm M. Gordon Joyce, A Rational Approach for Heavy Atom Derivatization Of Macromolecules
02:40pm Yao Fan, Enhanced Crystal Packing Due To Solvent Reorganization Through Reductive Methylation
03:05pm 25 Minute Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
Session IVa
Tutorials on Structure Methods
  Chair: Michael Malkowski
High Throughput Crystallization Screening and Optimizationl Deriving Information to Guide Successive Experiments, presented by Joseph R Luft.

The Center for High-Throughput Structural Biology - Crystallographic Data Collection Facilities at SSRL
, presented by A.E. Cohen, S. M. Soltis & the SMB Group at SSRL. 

The Microcapillary Protein Crystallization System(MPCS): A Methods Tutorial
, presented by Cory Gerdts.

Semi-Automatic Structure Solution with HKL-3000
, presented by W Minor.
Session IVb
Methods Tutorials on Structural Analysis
  Chair: Helen M. Berman
How to Use the Protein Structure Initiative Structural Genomics Knowledgebase for Research, presented by Helen M. Berman and Margaret J Gabanyi.

Modeling for Molecular Replacement, presented by Adam Godzik, Sri Krishna & Constantina Bakolitsa. (abstract)

Getting the Most from Your Structure, presented by Adam Godzik, Sri Krishna & Constantina Bakolitsa. (abstract)
Session IV Close
Standby Poster Session
Authors of odd-numbered posters standby
Authors of even-numbered posters standby
Poster Session Close
Conference Dinner
Bethesda area restaurant to be named
Thursday, March 5
Refreshments and Poster Viewing
Session V
Protein Function
  Chair: Brian Fox
08:00am Keynote Lecture, Professor Frank Raushel, Texas A&M University, Deciphering Substrate Specificity of Enzymes of Unknown Function
Markus Fischer, MarkUs: A Function Annotation Server for Protein Structures
Tonya Silkov, Structural Characterization and Functional Annotation of the Novel Families of Membrane-Binding Proteins
20 minute Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
Session VI
Protein Function (continued)
  Chair: Brian Fox
T. Andrew Binkowski, Protein Surface Analysis For Function Analysis and Prediction
David Aceti, A "Control Workgroup" Of 24 Protein Targets Used to Test Platform Changes
10:50am Ying Zhang, Metabolic Docking - from Structural Genomics to Functional Genomics
John Hunt, Towards Structurally Enabled High-Throughput Function Elucidation
Open Poster Session
  1:00pm - 7:00pm
Session VII
Problems and Solutions
  Chair: Ashley Deacon
Geoffrey S. Waldo, Fluorescent Protein Toolbox: Application To Structural Genomics And Cell Biology
01:25pm Stephen Anderson, Extra-Cellular Mammalian Proteins As Structural Genomics Targets
01:50pm Mark Knuth, Application of Medium Scale Robotics for Eukaryotic Cell Expression, Purification And Analysis to PSI Targets
Vadim Cherezov, New LCP Technologies for Structural Studies of Membrance Proteins
Lee Makowski, Characterizing the Unsolved Proteins of the PSI using WAXS
25 minute Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
Session VIa
Methods Tutorials on High-Throughput Purification
  Chair: Celia Goulding
Semi-Automated High Throughput Protein Purification for Structural Biology, presented by YC Kim.

Improving Protein Crystallization using Protein Reductive Methylation, presented by YC Kim.

Simple Methods for Monitoring Protein State and Protein Sample Composition by NMR and Light Scattering Measurements
, presented by Innokentiy Maslennikov.
Session VIb Methods Tutorials on Expression of Proteins
  Chair: Brian Fox
03:30pm Hands-on Demonstartion of Wheat Germ Cell-free Translation, presented by Shin-Ichi Makino.

Cell-free Expression of Integral Membrane Proteins, presented by Christian Klammt.

Condensed Single Protein Production (cSPP) of Isotope-Enriched Soluble and Membrane Proteins for Structural Studies, presented by Masayori Inouye.
Session Close
Standby Poster Session
Authors of odd-numbered posters standby
06:15pm Authors of even-numbered posters standby
Poster Session Close
Friday, March 6
Refreshments and Poster Viewing
Session VIII
Promoted Talks
  Chair: Gaetano Montelione
Thomas Szyperski, Compiling and Sharing Experience in Research Networks Using 'Wikis' - An Approach for the NESG NMR Section
08:25am Antonio Rosato, The eNMR Platform for Structural Biology
Yuanpeng Huang, HTP Construct Optimization using Bioinformatics Coupled with an Amide Hydrogen Deuterium (HDX) and HTP NMR Screening
Chad Rienstra, Protein Structure Determinzation By Magic-Angle Spinning NMR
Srivatsan Raman, Predicting Protein Structures to Atomic-Level Accuracy Using Limited NMR Data
20 minute Coffee Break and Poster Take-Down
Steven Almo, Atoms to Animals: Structural And Functional Genomics of Immunity
Kemin Tan, The Structure and Function of alpha-Glucosidase from Human Gut Bacterium Ruminococcus obeum
Bart Staker, Ligand Screening At the Seattle Structural Genomics Center  for Infectious Disease (SSGCID)
Gaetano Montelione, Structural Genomics after 2010
12:05pm Closing Statements
Lunch - Organizers Final Meeting
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