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New York Structural Genomics Research Center (NYSGRC)



The New York Structural Genomics Research Center (NYSGRC) -- a unique industrial, academic, and government laboratory partnership -- developed a fully-integrated, high-throughput pipeline for structural genomics during the pilot phase of the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI-1). For PSI-2, the highly-automated NYSGRC pipeline encompasses target selection, industrialised protein production, protein crystallization, synchrotron X-ray crystallographic data collection, de novo structure determination, comparative protein structure modeling, functional annotation and dissemination.

NYSGRC efforts address three structure determination target classes: Program, Bio-Medical Theme, and Community Outreach. Program targets examining proteins for which structural information is not currently available are defined collectively by the four Large-Scale PSI Centers, NIGMS representatives, and independent experts, and shared equally among the four centers without overlap. The NYSGRC Bio-Medical Theme project is aimed at fine coverage of the Protein Phosphatase Superfamily, with emphasis on human and pathogen protein phosphatases, some of which represent potential drug discovery targets. NYSGRC Community Outreach activities are primarily focused on the Enolase and Amidohydrolase Superfamiles, leveraging the efforts of an NIH-funded Program Project focused on developing a systematic experimental/computational approach to understanding substrate selectivity for these two large enzyme families.

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