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PSI:Biology Network Centers

During the next phase of the Protein Structure Initiative, PSI:Biology, a highly organized network of investigators will continue to develop high-throughput methods and technologies for structure determination. The majority of targets for structure determination will be defined through collaborations with investigators studying function and through an open, on-going community nomination process. Participating centers are indicated with a "community" icon.  To read more about the PSI:Biology initiative, visit the NIGMS site.


Centers for High-Throughput Structure Determination

These centers will determine protein structures utilizing high-throughput capabilities; continue the development of technology to improve the pipeline and to attack increasingly difficult proteins and complexes of proteins at high-throughput; carry out bioinformatics analysis of potential targets and solved structures; generate models based on solved structures; and conduct collaborative research with other members of the PSI:Biology network.

Joint Center for Structural Genomics


Midwest Center for Structural Genomics


Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium


New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium


Centers for Membrane Protein Structure Determination

These centers will focus on the solution of membrane protein structures of high biological interest and on the development of new methods for rendering membrane protein structures more amenable to high-throughput structure determination. Within the realm of membrane protein structures, these centers will have similar responsibilities to the high-throughput structure determination centers, including determining structures, developing technology, using bioinformatics analysis and modeling to leverage solved structures, disseminating information and materials and conducting collaborative research.

Center for Membrane Proteins in Infectious Diseases


Center for Structures of Membrane Proteins


Center for the X-ray Structure Determination of Human Transporters


GPCR Network


Membrane Protein Structural Biology Consortium


Membrane Protein Structures by Solution NMR


New York Consortium on Membrane Protein Structure


Transcontinental EM Initiative for Membrane Protein Structure


Transmembrane Protein Center


HT-Enabled Structural Biology Partnerships

This group of investigators ensures that a broad community of scientists participates in and benefits from high-throughput structural biology. These researchers, who are not associated with the above centers, will collaborate with the PSI:Biology network as a whole. Scientific problems proposed by these investigators will make effective use of the high-throughput capabilities of the centers and provide a driver for further technology development. They are expected to include functional characterization of proteins and thus provide a key link between a structure and its biomedical impact.

Assembly, Dynamics and Evolution of Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix Adhesions

Atoms-to-Animals: The Immune Function Network

Chaperone-Enabled Studies of Epigenetic Regulation Enzymes

Enzyme Discovery for Natural Product Biosynthesis

Mitochondrial Protein Partnership

Nucleocytoplasmic Transport: a Target for Cellular Control

Partnership for Stem Cell Biology

Partnership for T-Cell Biology

Program for the Characterization of Secreted Effector Proteins

Structural Basis of Protein Homeostasis

Structural Features of the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Code

Structure, Dynamics and Activation Mechanisms of Chemokine Receptors

Structure-Function Analysis of Polymorphic CDI Toxin-Immunity Protein Complexes

Structure-Function Studies of Tight Junction Membrane Proteins

Structures of Mtb Proteins Conferring Susceptibility to Known Mtb Inhibitors

Resource Centers

Two centers have been established to centralize resources developed by the PSI:Biology centers and increase the scientific community's access to them.

The PSI:Biology-Materials Repository is hosted at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. It provides centralized collection, maintenance, storage and distribution of vectors and clones generated by the PSI Network investigators. As more clones and structures are produced, the Materials Repository will continue to serve and enable researchers worldwide to access these valuable reagents.

This web portal, the Structural Biology Knowledgebase, is hosted at Rutgers University and serves as a central resource for structural information generated by the PSI centers. It provides information on targeted protein sequences, project progress, materials and methods, raw structure data and coordinates via the PDB, enhanced annotation of protein function, a portal to models generated from existing experimental data and additional links. It will also enable the community to nominate proteins for structure determination and will continue to foster an awareness of structural genomics and structural biology across the wider scientific community.

PSI:Biology-Materials Repository

Structural Biology Knowledgebase

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