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The PSI-MR is located in the Piper Center for Personalized Diagnostics at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. Click here for directions. 


The goals of the PSI Material Repository (PSI-MR) are (1) to provide centralized storage of PSI plasmid samples and their associated annotations, (2) to ensure quality analysis and control of plasmid handling at each step of processing, including full length sequence verification, (3) to distribute PSI plasmids and supporting information to researchers within the U.S. and abroad through our distribution website DNASU (, and (4) to promote the materials created by the PSI to researchers through community outreach.  

During PSI-2, the PSI-MR established the terms for transferring plasmids from the PSI institutions to the PSI-MR and for transfer of these plasmids to researchers.  The standard operating procedures for data formatting, import into the PSI-MR’s data tracking LIMS (FLEX), plasmid processing, sequence evaluation and distribution were developed and implemented with each PSI Center.  The PSI-MR is actively collecting and processing PSI plasmid data and samples for distribution through DNASU.  Furthermore, the PSI-MR has developed a novel strategy to avoid the most common concern encountered when distributing plasmids, namely the complexity of material transfer agreement (MTA) processing and the resulting delays this causes.  It is in this context that we developed and successfully implemented the Expedited Process MTA, in which we created a network of institutions that agree to the terms of transfer in advance of a material request, thus eliminating the delay researchers would typically encounter while their institution is processing the MTA.

Overall, the PSI-MR’s repository of expression-ready plasmids along with the expedited process for receiving these plasmids allows the research community to dissect the biological function of proteins whose structures have been identified by the PSI.

Contact information


Josh LaBaer, MD, PhD
phone: 480-965-2805

Scientific Liaison

Catherine Cormier, PhD
Center for Personalized Diagnostics
Biodesign Institute
Arizona State University
1001 S. McAllister Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85287-6401

phone: 480-965-2857
fax: 480-965-3051




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