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Sequence Analysis Tools

The Protein Structure Initiative Centers have created several different protein sequence analysis tools to help them with their structural genomics target selection and strategy. Use these tools to jumpstart your own research. 

PSI-developed tools

  • The PSI Sequence Comparison and Analysis tool available here at the PSI SBKB integrates an SBKB sequence search, and the XtalPred and pXs tools described below.  Multiple sequences can be submitted at one time with this useful tool. 
  • The Protein Sequence Comparative Analysis server at PSI JCSG is an integrated web tool for comparative analysis of protein sequence.  PSCA analyzes protein sequence in multiple layers such as domains and families, secondary structure feature, similarity to PDB structures, protein structure prediction, and nearest protein homologs.
  • The Primer Prim'er server at PSI NESG designs PCR primer sets for endonuclease and viral recombinase based cloning strategies.
  • The XtalPred server at PSI JCMM/JCSG calculates a variety of biophysical parameters in order to predict crystallizability.
  • The pXs server at PSI NESG calculates the probability of crystallization and structure determination based on their experiences with thousands of different protein sequences.
  • The DisMeta server at PSI NESG displays predictions of sequence disorder from a number of resources.
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