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Structural Information for Biological Macromolecules

3D Macromolecular Structure Repositories

The Protein Data Bank is the single international archive of 3D biological macromolecular structures. It is managed by the worldwide Protein Data Bank consortium, and each partner provides its own views of the archive and tools and resources for the global community.  

Structural Resources linked within the SBKB

The SBKB has collected annotations from the following 3D structures resources, accessible through a sequence or ID-based search. Click the [+] symbol to learn more about a resource, or follow the hotlinked name to take you directly to the resource's homepage. 

Databases Structure Feature Annotations Alignments and Comparison Structure and homology searchs Predictive Services Surface, binding/protein-protein interactions Small molecules

BMRBNMR experiment databaserepository for NMR experimental data • [+]

CATHstructural classificationmanually curated classification of protein domain structures. • [+]

Disprotdisordered proteins dbcurated database that provides information about proteins that lack fixed 3D structure in their putatively native states. • [+]

EMDatabankEM repositorydatabase of 3D density maps and models of macromolecular structures solved using Electron Microscopy. • [+]

Gene3Dstructures of gene productsstructures assigned to genomes • [+]

NESGNESG annotation/gallerygalleries and annotation of structures solved at NESG. • [+]

Function Annotation of NYSGRCFunctional AnnotationProvides details on functional annotation of stucture solved by NYSGRC. • [+]

MPStrucmembrane protein structuresdatabase of membrane protein structures, grouped by protein family. • [+]

NDBNucleic acid structuresdatabase of 3D structures of nucleic acids. • [+]

PDBePDB in EuropeProtein Data Bank in Europe is a member of the wwPDB and offers deposition (AutoDep) and analysis tools for 3D structures of biomacromolecules. • [+]

PDBjPDB in JapanProtein Data Bank in Japan is a member of the wwPDB and offers deposition (ADIT) and analysis tools for 3D structures of biomacromolecules. • [+]

PDBSumstructural analysisgraphical summary of the contents of a PDB entry. • [+]

PROCOGNATEligand/small molecule dbdatabase of cognate ligands for the domains of enzyme structures in CATH, SCOP and Pfam. • [+]

Proteopediaprotein annotation wikicollaborative 3D-encyclopedia of proteins & other molecules. • [+]

RCSB PDBPDB in USARCSB Protein Data Bank (USA) is a member of the wwPDB and offers deposition (ADIT) and analysis tools for 3D structures of biomacromolecules. • [+]

SCOPstructural classificationbroad survey of all known protein folds, information on close relatives of a particular protein, and a framework for future research and classification • [+]

SMARTprotein domain dbtools for identification and annotation of genetically mobile domains and the analysis of domain architecture. • [+]

SwissModeltheoretical modelsdatabase of 3D models generated by homology modelling pipeline. • [+]

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