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August 2014

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Elite labs hire more men than women
Women account for half of qualified candidates but are outnumbered in labs led by top male academics.


Resurrected cancer drug faces regulators
Despite a chequered history, olaparib is finally before the US Food and Drug Administration.


Paper claiming GM link with tumours republished
Change of journal does not convince critics that rat diseases were caused by genetically modified maize.


Study to test strategy to rid infants of HIV
New global clinical trial aims to replicate the mysterious 'Mississippi baby' success.


Bacteria implicated in stress-related heart attacks
Stress hormones break up bacterial biofilms, potentially dispersing plaque deposits into the bloodstream.


Lyme bacterium's possible ancestor found in ancient tick
Parasite trapped in ancient amber carried the oldest documented ancestor of the Borrelia that causes Lyme disease.


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