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March 2012

PSI in the Spotlight
Membrane Technologies Meeting; new blind datasets; Keystone: HTPSB, and more


Europe's research plan starts to take shape
Teresa Riera Madurell describes her goals for the Horizon 2020 funding programme.


Researchers feel pressure to cite superfluous papers
First survey to quantify problem finds that junior faculty are more likely to be targeted.


Success through cooperation
Anders Ekblom, head of science and integration at AstraZeneca, explains that the future of drug discovery lies in 'predictive innovation'.


Genomics ace quits Japan
Yusuke Nakamura blames government inertia for his move to the United States.


Japan plans to merge major science bodies
Drive to save money could increase bureaucracy.


Researchers defend benefits of mutant flu research
A dire lack of global virus surveillance doesn't negate the potential of mutation monitoring, argue two researchers behind the mutant flu research.


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