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Synopses of important developments in the field of structural biology and structural genomics, including advances from the Protein Structure Initiative. The featured articles and technical highlights are specially written for the Structural Biology Knowledgebase, while the research highlights are taken from NPG publications.

January 2012

featured articles

Pulling on loose ends
Structural analyses of the first identified activase for red-type Rubiscos reveal key insights into Rubisco activation.


Analyzing an allergen
Computational, structural, and biochemical analysis of peanut
Ara h 1 gives insights into understanding and diagnosing nut allergies.


research highlights

Wholesome proteomics
Researchers pave the way to high-throughput studies of intact protein isoforms.


Nanopores quantify miRNAs
The ∝-hemolysin pore is used as diagnostic tool.


technical highlights

Devil is in the details
Assessment of the biannual CASP experiment emphasizes the need for improved methods to model unique structural features.


Gentle membrane protein extraction
Noncovalent chelation of nickel-doped PEG polymers to His-tagged integral membrane proteins permits the solubilization of functional proteins in low-detergent or detergent-free aqueous buffer.


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